Artist Quotes


Adriana Whitney

I would like to encourage artists to apply for many reasons. The knowledge you will get by just being able to be with clients face to face is enormous. The patrons are friendly and very encouraging. The artists at First Saturday Arts Market are very friendly and helpful. You will find a good family here.

Steve Harris

Try it, you may find that you like it. i’ve told several artists, at bigger shows, and then have seen them turn up at First Saturday Arts Market, and enjoy it!

Kiki Neumann

Show your stuff, baby….the world needs you. People who make things with their hearts and hands are the greatest balm to the soul. The world needs you, Houston needs you, I need you and you will never regret just throwing your hat in the ring!

Chris Perkins

I would say to give it a shot if you are giving the opportunity. I think your attitude goes a long way with sales. I had a couple visit my tent 3 times before they purchased a painting. Everytime they came I smiled, talked to them and interacted with them…be positive, but not too invasive, it goes a long way.

April Murphy

If you are looking to sharpen your festival skills, develop some key friendships and connect with a thoughtful public, First Saturday Arts Market is the place to do that. You can be a novice and not feel threatened. Mitch and his crew will take you under their wing and make you feel a part of the family.

John J. McGeough

Continue to grow with the Market as it will open new worlds to you as it did to me. Beautiful wood is a living, breathing thing which often tells the wood artist what it has to be.

Michelle Hickman

To other artists, all I can say is… If you think your art is unique enough to stand out, give it a shot. Not everyone gets into this or many other markets, but so long as you do ‘your’ work and it is unique to you, I don’t see you having many problems. If you don’t get into the ‘limited spots’ monthly, try for the White Linen Nights. Perhaps something more will come of it afterwards. Don’t give up easily and if you get turned down you don’t have to give up. We could be full-up on your kind of art. We don’t all get in each month. Some have to plan months in advance to be in each month. The important thing is to be unique.

Abigail McKenzie

If you are an artist wanting to get your artwork out there I would definitely give First Saturday Arts Market a chance. It’s where I did my first real show and had an amazing response from the people that came. Ever since, I’ve been doing First Saturday Arts Market every month or every other month and the sales get better and better. I even see a lot of repeat customers, which are the best customers.

Tim Herschbach

No matter how many shows I do a year or where they take me, it’s comforting to have a show that I can call “home.”

Alicia Boles

After becoming part if First Saturday Arts Market I never looked back. I’ve been creating ever since! I continue to try new techniques and develop my own. I never know what I’ll think of in my garage aka studio. After becoming part if First Saturday Arts Market I never looked back. I’ve been creating ever since! I continue to try new techniques and develop my own. I never know what I’ll think of in my garage aka studio.

Lisa Chow

First Saturday Arts Market is a relaxed, supportive and FUN environment for first timers and seasoned pros to reach the extremely art-supporting Heights community.

Leisa McCord

First Saturday Arts Market is home. It’s where I’m comfortable, it’s where I learn things. Sometimes sales are good and sometimes not — such is the nature of the business, but it’s always a valuable experience.

Penny McDonald

Try it – it’s work, and it gets hot, but it’s Houston. The people are great and you’ll have a blast. Etc: First Saturday Arts Market is just plain fun, whether your’e attending as a patron or as an artist.

Celia Clowe

I remember when … I was so surprised by how much of a family the First Saturday Arts Market artists are. I was welcomed with open arms and provided help at every turn. It’s great to be so supported locally. It gave me the confidence to move forward and branch out. Not every show is like the First Saturday Arts Market family team!

Toria Hill

“You can’t keep creating work if you never sell it!” Come out, enjoy the fresh air, the amazing cupcakes, the music and cool people and make money and room so you can create more art.

Denise Martin

This one is a no brainer; reasonable booth fees, friendly folks, help with set up and tear down, and just one day!

P.A. Mueller

The question I am asked most often by newbie artists is who to trust when it comes to shows etc. etc. etc.. Since 2007 I have been telling them about First Saturday Arts Market and Mitch Cohen. There is an energy and an unspoken code of behavior that has everything to do with respecting other artists and maintaining a professional approach to this fine art event. Not stuffy…professional.

At First Saturday Arts Market I have bought and sold original artwork…made lifelong friends…listened to live music that rocked my world and laughed til I cried and cried til I laughed myself silly again. For all things fine and beautiful…give yourself the gift of a day(or night)at First Saturday Arts Market.