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Michelle Macy at the 10 year anniversary of First Saturday Arts Market.

Michelle Macy at the 10 year anniversary of First Saturday Arts Market.

November 12, 2015

Just a few weeks ago, my friend, artist, THE first volunteer at the art market, and everyone’s impromptu muse; Michelle Macy, was in a near fatal auto accident. She survived with her neck broken in two places, a brace and 8 weeks of immobility to hopefully let the bones heal to avoid surgery.  YIKES!accident

I alerted the other artists, [we have a private Facebook group] and after a phone conversation, let them know Michelle would love some cards, flowers and or visitors. BOOM off they went – she also anguished over not having a laptop so she could reconnect with the world. The available PC was to hard for her to use in her condition. BOOM – Brandi Untz, responded immediately that she could refurbish one she had. WOW!

Hopefully, I’ll get that computer to Michelle today or tomorrow and if she lets me, I’ll post a new pic her for you.

This is something that continually impresses me about the community that has formed around our art market. I love this!

Thank you Brandi!

UPDATE: November 24, 2015.

At the same time Brandi and I met for me to pick up the laptop, Michelle was at the Doctor and he was not happy with what he saw.

The Doctor scheduled an immediate surgery to correct what was apparently her neck “slipping” forward above the breaks. (That was Friday the 13th) The following morning Michelle underwent a 4 hour (6 with prep etc) procedure that ended with 6 screws securing the bone.

Michelle was sent home the following Monday evening and after a few scheduling snafu’s, I was finally able to get Michelle her laptop yesterday! She was shocked and overwhelmed with gratitude when I assured her that the laptop was hers to keep, even after she recovered.

Currently, she has a hard time moving around, and is limited in many aspects of life that we easily take for granted. So having the mobility and use of a laptop is awesome!  Hopefully, she’ll able to go home and care for herself by February, but still has a year of healing to do.

Michelle also asked that I thank the many artists and friends that have been sending her cards and well wishes. There are a lot BTW!

Brandi Untz is a professional IT rep in Houston, and on her creative side she is a digital artist. See her roster page on First Saturday Arts Market website here.

Michelle Macy is a lifelong artist and animal rights activist. Follow her on Facebook.

Mitch - Brandi Untz

Brandi hands off the computer she refurbished to Mitch.