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At the market, I love handing out ice cold beer to the artists. It can get pricey though with seventy plus people in attendance. VERY $$

Well ONE day a couple of years ago, a beer rep saw me handing out beer, and asked me if she could give me her beer to give to the artists. That’s like asking a dog if he wants another cookie …

YES, PLEASE!  And thus, beer buying days came to an abrupt halt. boo hoo

Our current beer sponsor is our long time good friends Silver Eagle Distributors, and they provide Stella Artois. The artsy beer!

UNTIL last week, I forgot to remind them of the upcoming 1st Saturday, and they couldn’t rush it on a holiday weekend. Dang it, I’ve got to buy the beer again.

I decided to support local and went to Premium Draught at 733 Studewood St. and Johnny helped me select Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.’s 1836, a copper ale. Delicious! Gen’s Antiques, our marvelous host pitched in and we were set.

Premium Draught is the place to buy quality beers by the bottle or draught, to go!

They explain it all on their website, pay them a visit, right between ANTIDOTE Coffee and Woods Food Mart in the Heights. 733 Studewood St.

Next Month, back to Stella!!! Cuz we love to yell … S-T-E-L-L-A!