Carolyn’s Variety of Variables!

Carolyn Bertand Hodges

Prints & Originals

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“Miss Carolyn” is a longtime fan of First Saturday Arts Market. A few years ago, I interviewed her and found her personality to be spot on with the other artists at the market. Miss Carolyn is a guest this month of the market, find her work up front in the information booth beginning fall 2017.
Below is an excerpt from my first mention of Miss Carolyn in my newspaper column, Art Valet, in the local paper The Leader News.  – Mitch Cohen

Read my interviews with Miss Carolyn in my arts column, Art Valet, in The Leader > here. <

“Carolyn Bertrand, late eighties, painter with many mediums throughout her life, primarily uses ink these days. Ms. Bertrand invited me to assist her with bestowing her art.

Ms. Bertrand introduced herself to me several years ago at my art market. She was so impressed that someone started one in Houston that she gave me her own written proposals to the City of Houston for a similar market many years before. Hers included recycling, sustainability and was way ahead of the times. I recall displaying her work for the Heights 1st Saturday events. We have remained in touch thanks to her tenacity.”