Cynthia Levine

My appreciation for color began at an early age as I watched my late father create in paint and wood as part of his many hobbies and interests. While obtaining a degree in education from Texas A&M University I realized I excelled in art – primarily sketching and painting – and went on to obtain a minor in art along with an elementary education degree. I dreamed then of focusing on art for a living but instead began a career in teaching. Fast forward a quarter century and through the blessing of a long marriage and raising three great kids I found myself in my late 40’s finally able to fulfill my dream of producing art for the enjoyment of others. I have since worked in many mediums and have for now settled upon colorful abstracts executed in resin as my primary form of expression.

I truly enjoy meeting personally with those interested in my work and hope I can help you fulfill your quest for unique andhigh-qualityy art!