Jeff Jefferies

My work is typical, typical of life. We form ideas. We have goals in mind. We visualize the final results and work towards our visions. Along the way, we encounter the unexpected twists and turns. So we adjust, we learn and move forward. Each painting is like this for me. Doors open and close during the process, effecting my final product a great deal. Every painting has what I once perceived to be challenges to my original vision. These moments are tough to push through. However, I’ve learned to accept them as doors to unforeseen possibilities. The challenge being to remain open, accepting them as doors of opportunity to paint my way through. As I work through, visions beyond my original thoughts emerge. Magical moments, leading me through the misty vail and into wonderful encounters of understanding and clarity. My paintings show me the way, I’m along for the ride, reflective of life in many ways. I work in Acrylics and in oils, depending on the effect I’m in search of.  805-340-7109