Debbie Edmondson

I Love Alcohol Ink by Debbie Edmondson

I paint with alcohol ink on tiles or yupo paper. AI is a fun and colorful medium! It only works on non-porous surfaces, and is also very unpredictable because it easily spreads and blurs and drips! But that is the beauty of it and also its unusual poetry. Although it is hard to “paint” with alcohol ink in the proper way, with brushes, it can be done, often with fun, and non-traditional results. But in addition to painting with brushes, I also let the ink drip, run, drizzle, or I spray it with 91% alcohol to further “mess with it!” It is fun and very striking to look at.

I am an empty-nester who discovered alcohol ink out of boredom! I have been a singer for years, and that was my artistic outlet. But although I still love almost all kinds of music, I needed a new medium to express myself. I discovered alcohol ink online, and loved the look of it. And it is a fun thing to experiment with—so I hope people like my experiments!