Ellie Teramoto

Ellie Teramoto Photography

I am a fine art nature photographer. I choose a camera as my tool because the art I see in nature is so real, so I do not want to alter it too much. A camera lets me see the world that animals and plants see. Through the lens, I imagine what it is like to be them. I would like my viewers to feel closer to the nature I see and remember that this is such a beautiful planet we live in.http://www.ellieteramoto.com 713-471-5088

I am an explorer of art in nature and a photographer of its beauty. My mission is to bring something beautiful from nature into people’s everyday lives in a form of fine art photography. I spend days and hours in order to capture nature’s magical moments and carefully attempt to match my prints with what the human eye experiences as closely as possible.

I grew up at the foot of beautiful Mt. Fuji in Japan, running around the rice fields, exploring around to find tadpoles, snakes, and butterflies. I remember I was always happy to find wildflowers in a small abandoned lot. I remember I loved the backyard of our apartment complex because it was covered with white clove flowers in the season. Spending days and hours in order to capture the beauty of nature reminds me of my childhood, making me feel like I am back to my real self.

After 13 years working for newspapers as a journalist documenting the human world, I decided to pursue my innate desire — to observe and document the beauty of wildlife and their habitats. I am trying to incorporate my skills from my newspaper career and my artistic vision when I photograph my subjects. Based in Houston, Texas, while capturing the beauty of the state of Texas on a regular basis, I travel to other parts of the world and explore the beauty of nature whenever I have a chance to do so.