Getting Started – The Essentials

There are few things more satisfying than meeting someone so excited about your art, that they take it home! Don’t let what you don’t know about booths, setup and how to accept money overwhelm you and prevent you from trying an outdoor show.

  1. THE TENT  gives you your own show room/gallery, protects you from the sun/rain and sets you apart from other exhibitors. Your tent is also a 100 square foot kite and can easily ruin your day, art and cause injury. Therefore you need good …
  2. WEIGHTS for your tent. I recommend a minimum of 25 lbs. Each. 30 – 40 is ideal. Buy them online at Amazon, or better online at Walmart and pick them up at your local store.
  3. DISPLAY is very important but for your first show, don’t worry to much, or go to much expense. Visit shows or look on Pinterest to get ideas for do-it-yourself displays on a budget.
  4. MONEY is what you want to take home. Get a credit card ready, they’re inexpensive and work with today’s smart phones. Most artists use either Square or PayPal.
  5. Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit – yeh, it’s a drag buy you have to have one. Fortunately that is the only legal requirement needed in Houston. It’s easy to obtain on the comptroller’s website, be sure to jot down the number and keep it on you for your first show.