Eugene John Hughes

Eugene John Hughes

Currently I am generating abstract, expressionist paintings using primarily acrylics as my tool of experimentation. Toss a Pop Art influence into the mix to round out what impacts my style. Mixed media is an increasing influence with many works incorporating plaster, copper wire, organic elements – sand, salt, rock, glass as well as print media. A few even include a favourite old shirt to worn to wear again. My art is diverse in subject and is extremely colorful and textural. It should provoke more than one sense in you.

My artwork derives from an overwhelming need to visually translate what I have seen or read, experienced or witnessed over a complex lifetime to date. Emotion. Religion. Family. Friends. Past, present, estranged or already gone. Today I see with a clean internal eye. A soul. I see purple in nearly everything. I understand. For the first time, all is finally out of myself and into a tangible visual, hold it in my hand form. Using color and texture, paint and canvas, and other elements, I can clearly execute and therefore share my experience. This is integral to my work. The introvert turned inside out. Revelation. This is the journey I was meant to take and it has just begun. My artwork allows you to participate with me along the way.


In the Kingwood Observer

December 8, 2012 Newspaper Article