Jack Connelly

Varied styles ranging from military/aviation, surreal/sci-fi, realism and abstract paintings. Detail-oriented works composed of oil and acrylic on canvas. http://www.jackconnellyart.com 832-462-4474

From the thriving city of Houston, Texas, Jack Connelly is an artist whose passion is capturing history, action, wonder and imagination on canvas. Jack has been creating art since the moment he could lift a pencil, and has been an active participant in the professional art world for about 35 years.

In Jack’s opinion, painting is one of the most unrestricted and freeing forms of expression. Most of his pieces are created in acrylic and/or oil paint, although Jack has extensive experience with watercolor, graphite, and mixed media as well.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Jack took on a nomadic lifestyle as a full-time art show vendor, displaying his art in an average of three to four shows a week in the South Texas area. Jack has also taught several art classes in the past (and wishes to teach more in the future), and enjoys sharing his knowledge, experience, and guidance with others in order for them to learn and practice painting, as well as develop their art skills and techniques.

Jack Connelly’s styles include (but not limited to) military & aviation, sci-fi, surrealism, realism, impressionism, and abstract art.

Commission paintings are regularly requested and are a major part of Jack’s art career. Many of Jack’s commissions have been for veterans or their families, in hopes of passing down their legacy and honor those who have served their country. He loves to take memories, events, dreams, ideas, etc. and bring them to life on canvas. This gives him the ability to share his passion with others while providing for them a unique keepsake; their personal story told in paint and filled with detail, never to be forgotten.