Koenraad Seghers

As far as I can remember I always had a lot of fun creating art. Making drawings of crazy characters has always been my way of generating smiles around me.  In the year 2003 I began to paint. My basic idea was to transport the characters that I drew on paper to canvas. Starting from scratch, I experimented with oil paints for two years, painting wildly away without a lot of direction. Good times.  Then I met this wise man named Jan Buytaert, who taught me how to use acrylic paint. This was the most important change in my painting style.  Acrylics were the tools I needed to shape my own little world and bring my little weird characters to life.  My main aim while painting is to have fun and enjoy the moment.  I want to capture this good vibe in my paintings and transfer it to the public.  This usually results in joyful works full of color and positive energy.  With my paintings I like to invite viewers to look at the world through the eyes of a child and to revisit a childhood past of curiosity and enthusiastic discovery.