Lynn Chatman


Much of my work today focuses on exploring ways to express the different “seasons” in the circle of life through the use of texture and color. Thus, the symbolism I find in candles, dragonflies, ravens, rust, etc. Art is a wonderful healer. After my youngest daughter died, it was a challenge to work through my feelings of love, loss, grief and anger in a constructive way – to pour it all out on canvas instead of bottling it up inside. While I still think of her every day, life goes on as we continue to place one foot in front of the other. Art is a journey and the road I travel will always be reflected in my work.

For many years I painted in oils, pastels and gouache. I still paint in oil, but am currently enamored with acrylics. The versatility of acrylics inspires me to explore its many techniques and avenues of expression. I’m always thinking about my next project.