Preparing for White Linen Night

For The Artists

This post is really for any event that is short on setup with big crushing crowds. I always welcome feedback, tips  and suggestions from  you artists, email me and I’ll add them here. (Say so if you do NOT want credit)

Deadlines: Let’s start with what you could be doing now – being 2 and half weeks away.  This is your last chance to get printed items, probably pay extra, like business cards, banners and anything printed.

Equipment check – especially if you have been “out” for awhile, drag out that tent, weights and display equipment and make sure it’s ready and in good repair. How are your lights?

Make a plan. From feedback and just witnessing what we have done in the past, you have less than 1 1/2 hours before people are looking in your booth. The street is still open to the public so expect it. Rather than treating this like any show, think about how you can expedite your setup? I hope you have help for this. Some ideas:

  • Pack your car for easy unloading.
  • Use sturdy boxes for loose items and slap a label on it listing contents.
  • Eliminate displays that block entry to your booth
  • Have your change of clothes protected and ready to go.


  • Do not make it easy for someone to grab and go with small items out front or on tables.
  • Always know where your “money box,” phone etc is and keep them out of sight.
  • Have one person stationed near the front of your tent.
  • Wear white. Bring someone with you to help.
  • Walk around a bit before it starts
  • Bring some change, as in money!! One’s, five’s, ten’s, etc.
  • Bring some TP, tissues, or paper towels with you to the rest room.
  • Lots of ice and a wash cloth to dipped in your ice chest to put on your neck, at least 4 fans for ever corner
  • All day drinks lots of water so you will be hydrated when you get to the event and start setting up. Continue to drink lots of water during the event!
  • Get those fans set up before you start setting up your booth. It’s easier to stay cool than to cool down once you’ve become overheated!
  • Bring cooler w/ice and water to drink.  Stay hydrated
  • Good tip, I always liked the taller chair tip.  That way when you stand up you don’t scare the customer away.  (Stay the same eye level instead of growing 2 times the height)
  • Bring a change of clothes  (ladies, a bra change too)
  • Be aware that folks will be cutting through your tent to get from street to sidewalk and vice versa. They’ll go straight through your tent unless you have a table at the back, and if you do, they’ll go between your tent poles and those of your neighbor. Keep this in mind when attaching your tent-weights and storing boxes under tables.
  • Freeze 2-3 bottles of water for a small ice chest, pre-chill 4-5 bottles and you will be all set.
Most important: Hydrate – bring your own water, and start drinking early Saturday and continue. Wear light clothing and change into your “Show” clothes after you setup at one of the changing booths.