Some fun facts and other crazy stuff …

… about Mitch Cohen.
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I think, I’ve had an interesting life so far. Here are some fun and some interesting things about me.

  • I knew I wanted to be an artist when my illustration of what “sh**” means for my 2nd grade classmates got me sent home from school.
  • My first job was an assistant at a Vet Clinic. I got to hold a thermometer in a horses … you know. That’s when I realized being self employed was important.  I was eleven.
  • In high school (Class of ’84, Sharpstown!) I was in Health Occupations of America and worked half days in a dental lab. Two projects I created, one on prosthetics, the other on dental implants etc. won 1st place local and state. I gathered all the information, interviews etc and banged out each display the night before. I thought I was a big deal.
  • My first car was a Honda Civic 5 Door Hatchback in metallic orange. 3 months later a pickup totalled it while running a light. The guys shirt read, Guns Booze & Texas or some b.s. From then on I’ve been a truck guy, bigger than his for sure!
  • On a summer break from college, I apprenticed as a stage manager at Theatre Under the Stars and fell in love with the enormous sets and backdrops. The following year I took a job painting billboards and learned how to paint realistically in oils.  By the time I left the biz, I was a certified Journeyman Sign Painter.
  • I “attended” University of North Texas State with a major in painting. Except for my art classes, it really wasn’t my thing. I went a little wild for a time, grew my hair long, got an ear pierced, ran around pretending to be a “punk” bought a motorcycle, tried to dress cool and all that. I was a mess, but naturally I remember only the good times!
  • I started smoking in college, quit for a 3 ish year stint then finally became a nonsmoker again, cold turkey in 2007. If I did it, so can  you – Allen Carr’s Easyway
  • 1989-1991 I had an award winning editorial + cartoon strip at UH Downtown- I was not however a student.
    My editorial cartoon, submitted without my knowledge to the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press (Media now) Association won 1st Place Editorial Cartoon, beating out 2 & 4 year colleges and universities in 14 states! With my award, I received a handwritten note from one of the judges, “You’ve got talent Mr. Cohen!” ~Matt Groening. I received my one and only telegram from another judge, the editor of the Denver Post, congratulating me too. I thought it was a hoax, but it wasn’t. Muah ha ha
  • My illustrations were published in two college textbooks.
  • I’ve waited tables, have been married and divorced. I don’t know why I put these on the same line.
  • Was an assistant stage manager at Alley Theatre, hoping to get into the scene department.
  • I’ve met a few celebrities, none have recognized me so I’m not going to mention them here. Except Anthony Newley and Dennis Quaid. Two really hip cats. I worked for Newley in a production of Chaplin, and the youngest Quaid, Buddy, introduced me to his famous older brother. I was actually bent over tying my shoe when I heard Buddy exclaim, “Mitch! This is my older brother Dennis!”  I was mortified.  I met Randy a couple of times too. Nice, nice family.
  • Okay one more. At the height of his career I met Lee Majors! I was 9 so you know, he was a superhero to me. Unbeknownst to Majors, last summer we shared a driver while I was visiting another city, I was dropped off so he and his party could be picked up and dropped at a restaurant. After dinner he gave his fabulous chocolate dessert to my friend, the driver, who then brought it back to me to split. Still a hero, that chocolate was divine! Thanks Mr. Majors!
  • In 1993, I decided I was a decorative painter and muralist and so that was my career from 1993 to about 2007.
  • parade

    1999 The Antique Jeep

    My ex-wife and I were the decorative painting team and we founded the first art market together. Carolyn coined my moniker, ArtValet.

  • Ragging & Rolling Decorative Painting, then later Artists AT LARGE were our company names. Our faux work was often published in magazines. A couple were national. We also got to travel for work – the hill country, New Orleans and even Jackson, Wyoming for a 2 month stretch! My specialties were stone, marble and wood grains. I don’t miss it. Much.
  • I’ve visited 16 other countries, most were in a month time period after graduating high school.
  • I have painted or contributed to at least ten art cars. Here are mine.
  • I have written a weekly column for The Leader Newspaper since February 2013 and haven’t missed a one. Last summer I wrote one column on my phone from a kitchen table, train, plane and hotel bar.
  • I own a unicycle, and I can ride it!
  • I’ve been on live television close to 10 times, and I do NOT like it. Hear that PR people? No bueno!

I’m available for event consulting, commissioned painting on canvas and writing. HIRE ME!



I won’t however, be doing this anymore!


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