Taylor Clendennen

Taylor Blaine Art
I love bringing color and vibrancy to a world that sometimes may seem a little drab. My Encaustic paintings are comprised of many colors, textures, and other media that tell a story through abstract or imagery. Each painting starts with Encaustic Wax and as the painting progresses, layers of wax are built up and other media is incorporated. With many of my paintings you will find wax carvings, image transfers, metallic powdered pigments, oil stick, pastels, graphite, fiber, metal leafing, and many other components.

My jewelry line reflects the same vibrancy that is in my paintings. Each piece is hand forged and torched colorful glass enamel that has been pieced together to create different patterns. Each piece created is one of a kind and unique due to the inability to fully manipulate glass enamel and to replicate the exact color/pattern in each design.