Terry Fromm

I make small objects with metal, some wearable and some not. My sterling silver jewelry line contains flowing designs that mimic fabric, ribbons, or leaves. My holloware collection is made from a variety of metals, primarily pewter, copper, and brass, and includes both functional and decorative pieces. terryfromm.com 832-275-2168

I make small objects out of metals, some sculptural, some wearable. Using silver, copper, pewter, and bronze, I design pieces that mimic the look and characteristics of other materials. When I began working with metals, I was surprised to find that metals act in many of the same ways that fabrics do. What I had always experienced as a rigid medium could actually be worked into forms with soft, flowing contours that resemble fabrics and that the construction concepts are essentially the same, only the tools and processes differ.

My work builds on this discovery by designing metal objects with fluid forms and an unexpected illusion of softness. This shift in materials creates a shift in meaning. A quilt square made from metal retains the same design quality, but is not experienced as warm and comforting. An apron made from bronze resembles a suit of armor more than feminine domestic apparel. I want others to experience the unexpected qualities that a shift in materials inspires.