Time to recharge, reset and refuel … my soul

by Mitch

Downtown Portland

The neon caught my eye in Downtown Portland

Lately, I’ve been irritable, short tempered, ornery, lethargic, uncreative and uninterested in things that normally excite me. What the hell?

Time for a reset. Recharge, get my mojo back, become one with the universe, throw caution to the wind, see new places, faces and challenges I’ve not met in a long while.

Time for a vacation.

I don’t think of taking time off from what I do as an escape as much as I think of it as a recharge.

Exploring new things and getting out of your routine really does open your eyes, heart and soul.

I’m way over due – and I’m torn between going somewhere for me or somewhere I feel an obligation.

A just for me vacation is winning right now, simply because I want the little escape part of not knowing. I need to rejuvenate! Then maybe some visiting.

Have any thoughts on where I should go? Drop me an email or tag me on the Facebook.  

Peace, Love & Hippie Shit. With a theme song and shit hippies say below. Enjoy!

Me, between stops in Oregon. August 2015

Me, between stops in Oregon. August 2015