Vena Ashley

A photographer and mixed media artist, Vena Ashley calls her unusual technique photographic mixed media. Her images have a rustic quality and though are recent, many have a timeless quality.

After graduating from Sam Houston State in 2006 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in advertising graphic design and photography, Ashley worked as a graphic designer until October 2013. She then decided to finally take the first step at being a working artist and has been showing and producing art ever since.

Ashley has had a camera in hand ever since she first knew what a camera was. By using art and photography as a means to document the world around her, she allows her viewers to see things how she sees them — things that sometimes are overlooked. This exploration of the overlooked helps Ashley engage more deeply in her own life. She views her art as self-expression and says that everyone takes and feels something different when they look at a piece of her art.

Her most popular works are a series taken in France and Luxembourg of city streets, cafes and the countryside. The 7-step process of transferring her images to wood and metal, take the viewer to another time and place. 832-868-0242