Vi Le

Art is very personal to me. I put a lot of myself in my art. Whether it’s a painting, a collage, or random crafts, everything I do is very personal and an expression of how I feel at that moment in time. Through my art, I can obsess over different interests and express how I feel about the world. One of my favorite things about art is that I can edit the world the way I want to see it. There are no limits. I do a lot of watercolor and acrylic paintings. However, I also make hand-bound art journals, painted boxes, handmade bags and purses, and dread extensions. I do all sorts of arts and crafts. Personally, What makes my art different is my love for women. I try to bring out the beauty in everyone I paint and inspire women to love themselves. Sometimes a little reminder telling you’re beautiful or that everything will be okay is all you need.  Facebook Page