First Saturday Arts Market November 4

The Market at Sawyer Yards November 11 

Houston Vintage Festival November 10 & 11
This is a show I have helped coordinate for the past 3 years. If you volunteer, you get free admission!  This is a great big fun show!  Click here to signup.

Ha haVolunteering is fun!  As an artist, you get to meet other artists you don’t normally have time to when you’re in the show. The market artists requested I try to keep the artist relief “in-house” as much as possible, and it turns out y’all like it!


We’re not a big show – an hour is usually enough time to make the rounds, visit and watch a booth for a few minutes.


*With the new location, I’m finding that I must have help. We no longer have two entrances for load-in.  If you do join me (Mitch) early, I’ll buy you lunch!  (Most likely a gift card to a local restaurant for use anytime!)