Wayland Stephens

I’ve been working with wood for many years as the owner of a Heights bungalow. Several years ago, I decided to make something that was decorative as well as functional and began making lamps.

I am influenced by minimalist Danish and Functionalist design where form and function are joined in an artistic way. While I do have a few painted or gold-leafed pieces now and then, most of my work is completed without stains, polyurethane or coloring; you see only the natural color of the wood. I use only the finest oils and waxes to bring out the beauty of each lamp. I utilize a broad range of wood species and love to use reclaimed wood whenever possible. I have perfected a seven stage process that yields a finish that lets the wood speak for itself.

I put a great deal of attention to finishing and details on each lamp. I am frequently asked if they are manufactured; but no, they are all hand made by me using small hand-tools. I like to curate wood in all its colorful splendor, seeking out unusual hardwoods like apple, pear, almond tree and burled specimens.

Email | 832.264.0282 | https://www.etsy.com/shop/hanoverwolfen